WordPress – “Tips & Tricks”

WordPress – “Tips & Tricks”

Pre building important knowledge:

These days, it is not enough knowing how to build a website; one have to understand the changing reality of the Internet - search engine optimization (SEO), landing pages and what content should one use. In order to do so, it is needed to plan in advanced, to know the “Must Do / Don’t Do” and some practical tools that will help you to get there.

What are your sites Goals? Who does it address to? What do you want to achieve at the end?

As a Digital Marketer professional, I can suggest some theoretical and practical tools for achieving these goals:

For me, thus first steps are the most important - making a plan of you site- what is the purpose of the site? What should it do? Define goals and objectives, targeted audience, cost in time and money and which web building platform to choose (word press, Wix etc.).

DO NOT GIVE YOUR SITE URL TO EARLLY! You don't want to seem unprofessional - show an unfinished job or to be disappointed from unfinished result. Be patient and finish customizing your website, testing it, connecting it to all your social medias, making it visible and optimizing it on the web.

You will need to make the “blast” when you'll decide everything is in place and that every visitor could push the subscribe, like or other social medias buttons and maneuver between all pages and links.

You will probably also want to be able to analyze the movements and numbers of visitors. All this should be defined in advanced, before you let everyone know about your new website.

Think strategy:

Word press is just an example, every CMS (content management system) you will want to use has its own tools but the concept remains the same.

One of the benefits using Word press is that you can combine a site with a blog. A site is static, usually does not change and doesn't get you lot of traffic - You will use your site as a business card, portfolio, sales platform etc. A blog, on the other hand, like social media, is dynamic, vivid and changing (in the aye of the search engine) and will get you more traffic and ranking.

Word press practice configuration:

Word press practice actions and plugins needed to be install:

After registration to wordpress.com you will get to your website dashboard. Clean and delete default settings - delete the default page and the default post that comes automatically. Go to post, categories, set a default category. Go to appearance and choose a theme that best serves your goals.

Plugins will create new functions and features for your site: this are just examples, you can use other plugins bat you will need to have this functionalities.

I give you here some free tool optional to use for the first steps:

* Word press SEO by Yoast - increase search engine optimization

* Multi language plugin

* Page builder - it is very convenient to build sites with a builder. It has inside lots of plugins and widget builds in. Example of a page builder is “Site Origin”. It is recommended to install also the free extensions:

* Site Origin Wieget Bundle - builder extension

* Site Origin Widgets by Code Lights - builder extension

* Ultimate Add-ons for Site Origin - builder extension

If not using site builder you will need this plugins to be install individually:

  • Column
  • Slider
  • Image
  • social button
  • And more

Don’t forget to register your site to the different search engine (Google, yahoo, bing etc.) it’s free.

Thank you and hope you enjoyed!


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