Target Your Digital Audience

Target Your Digital Audience

As time and technologies changed, digital media, social network, digital marketing and the effect of word of mouth (WOM) had brought to a changed in the way companies analyze their consumers.

A big part of developing effective marketing strategy in the digital marketing channels is to target the audience. As SEO professional and online marketer, I analyze audience continuously, adapting the Ads to the changes and building future digital channels strategy to improve.

There are two approach for audience target; one approach is to Advertise to everyone (no targeting). In this case, a company strategy mass marketing which can cost much more and the return on investment (ROI) is usually low. in digital language it can bring to spam mails, low click rats, legal issues etc.

On the other side there is the audience targeting approach. Companies understands they need to know who their potential consumers are, in order to market the best. Adapting a new approach in which they put their costumer in the center to understand better who are their consumers, their need & wants, where they come from and other different attributes. this whey they can reduce the amount of money invested in the marketing effort and to gain better response rats, click through rats, ROI etc.

Also, competition and the change of technologies, made it necessary to be innovative digital marketer and to have a consumer centric approach. It is important to understand who are their potential consumer in order to be more officiant and targeted according to their pre-defined goals and objectives.

90% of the solution is knowing what is the problem (or question);

we know how marketing work but do we know who we market to?

If we’ll know who our customers are(segments), we will adjust the marketing plan to meet their attributes so the right audience we analysed as potential consumers and/or the audience we want to have will find their way to us.

We need to have a look on our company Macroenvironment (within) and to have a look outside over the Microenvironment – the marketing part; consumers and competitors (among other things). For example, we need to know who are our competitors, how do they advertise? What channels they choose, their price method etc.

Gathering and analysing the market will benefit the company to target who will engage the best with our content and that, potentially, will bring value in return depend on the goals (to be lead generation company, for sales and more.).

how to analyse the consumers by segmenting the market?

Different research’s divides the segments by: geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural. Here a practical chart to fill up to help us organise it’s all: (there are more attributes to add, depend on the analysis scale desired)


(Where in the world?)

City size


psychographic / Demographic


Family size

Family status (single; young, married)

Gender (M/F)

Income and Occupation




Social class

Lifestyle (Culture, sports etc.


Benefits (Quality, service)

User (new, potential, non-user etc.)

Heavy/ Light User


What tools available to gather the information / what listening tools (among other) are out there?

* Google suite (Google webmaster tool, Google AdWords, Google Analytics) understand the visitor funnel behaviour.

* Omniture






* Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Thank you and hope you enjoyed!


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