Social Media Content Strategy

Social Media Content Strategy

Social Media Content Strategy

Do not underestimate the impotency of content strategy; from the first to the last word, a specific content to each and every social channel, the time of the day it is being sent and who is it being send to. All of this will determined the engagement with your targeted audience, making conversions and sales.

Innovative and relevant content is crucial to the success of your marketing campaign strategy.  It is not important if you have experience or not, you should always study the market, research, be innovate, different and find case studies of companies that are doing it good (Don't copy but gain from there experience). Like any others strategic plan, one should start from learning and listening before taking an action; who are the players, what's work, what doesn't, what tools do we have – CRM software’s, scheduling tools, distribution tools, listening tools etc.

Content marketing should be updated, relevant and synchronized between all your digital and traditional marketing channels wile adapting it to the medium it being used (B2B / B2C, different content, design and more)

Strategic thinking

For me, a content strategic plane first start from understanding the current situation, what are the Goals such as Business, Customer Service, Product, Communication, Marketing and the KPI’s that comes with each, such Engagement Indicators or Advertising Indicators

Defining what is our consumer gurney (some may call it a funnel) from the moment he/she sees the ad for the first time until they get to the final step – conversion (which is deferent for each goal). This gurney always changes and is dynamic. Ex. Search – click – register -  buy (conversion)

I would always recommend to start by planning all in advance - make a table of all social channels you selected to use along with scheduling and subject you want to deliver. Plan and adapt the subjects to the gurney of your consumer. Know if you advertising to businesses or costumers (b2b/b2c). only then you should start and making the ads in the different (channels, time of deliver, targeted audience, general ads and gurney steps ads) versions.

General strategy gurney example:

At the beginning, a user sees you for the first time, there is no point of making long and complicated text. could be by a banner, photo ad, blog etc. the content should be short, right to the point and sometimes funny or any example that catches the aye and gain the consumer attention.

After a consumer had an interest in your product or idea we can move to the next step of the gurney. Remember that the consumer can do whatever, whenever he/she wants (ex. Unsubscribe in any moment) so it is very importing the plan in advance the content we use.

If I’ll continue the example above next step should be around the need of the services, third about my specific product and what makes it so special and finally, directly about the conversion we defined before (such as sales, promotions, watch a video or pushing the “like” button).

Thank you and hope you enjoyed!


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