Online marketing – New Status quo

Online marketing – New Status quo

New Status quo

The reality of marketing had changed throughout the years. The traditional marketing cannot exist without the digital one and the collaboration between them is crucial. People spend more and more time on the internet in their free time and at / for their work.

Watching TV today being don not only in front of your television with a cable company but in front of the computer streaming online. Ads would spear during and between shows and Cable companies makes us spend huge amount of money and time.

In this example, although there are some new technologies out there, like different cable box devices, in which you can record or move back to a specific TV show but it doesn't get even near the possibilities you have online. newspapers are being increasingly read in online apps and websites as well as radio broadcast. The use of the internet became an ongoing task; while we are walking, talking, doing sport, waiting in lines, seating in the bus, in the office or even while watching TV at home we are using parallel at our mobile device.

The social world:

A biasness today doesn’t necessarily need a website. everything can be done in features of social medias. A "retargeting" approach which detects visitors bouncing rate and markets to them is already alive in this platforms and you don't necessarily have to use the search engine professional tools (like analysis) to get the same result. Building your brand b2b / b2c mails and notifications can be made in the social world and the option list is long.

Understanding of the new reality will gain you traffic, impression, CTR, sells or any other conversion that feats your biasness the best.

The Age of online / digital marketing had arrived

Marketers take advantage on this reality and market their products in this platforms. As newspaper, television or radio, online ads enjoy from their market share which keep raising up.

Companies are always in a search for the best place to put their ads. Finally, they will do it in a place that will give them the best ad-impression and click-through. in other words, they let the popularity of the market they ad in to work for them.

One can do it in a budget pre-defined (base on the strategic biasness plan of the company)

If you’ll play it right, search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo will do this job and promote you without the need of spending too much money on it - Making the spider "net" - Knowledge of the digital marketing world will help you connect all the dots together.

Social medias, SEO with the use of online and offline tools, managing keyword, content and graphics or on a budget PPC, SEM, Emails, display ads etc. to get the best quality-scour, are just some of the tool being use.

Embracing this approach and understanding of the market, forcing your traditional marketing work with the digital one to be open to new approach of thinking, will help you to archive your goals.

Thank you and hope you enjoyed!


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