Innovation Marketing – Strategic new Reality

Innovation Marketing – Strategic new Reality

Understand changing reality:

Nowadays, we are living in an age that keeps on changing and adapting to a complex new reality. Sharing transportation platforms, hospitality, studies, food, Ideas, products, professional services, television and more; Uber, Bla bla car, Airb&b,, Guru, Coursera, Netflix, Ikea, Go pro, L’Oreal, Apple and more (the list is endless), are just some of the companies that had to adapt to this reality and the changed face of the world.

Social and professional networks also take a big part in these changes. The use of social medias had grown beyond excepted with billions of users; it is a tool in which everyone can do/say whatever they want sometime without restrictions. Spreading rumors, building communities, starting collaborations in all aspects and more. No company could have grown and no celebrity could be famous without it.

Look on the “new company” stockholders, some of them don’t even have a property or tangible product that they are selling, instead they sell a collaborate platform to connect people to the new age - open innovation, a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts (synergy) or in other words, the new consumers are advocates. They already made the journey and are now making the marketing for you and building your “digital shadow” for the SEO.

So, how use it the best way you can?

Manage New strategic thinking and Manage Innovative Marketing:

The new world is being driven by the Digital one.

Do you remember when Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tweeter and others were just platforms to connect with friends, have private conversations, work & collaborate, share photos? Do you remember that Waze or other navigation apps just helped you get somewhere and didn’t had pop-ups jumping around while you are driving? Remember you wanted just to read the news on a simple app or watch a video on YouTube without ads disruptions?

well, these times have passed and as soon as you will realize it, the closer you will be to market successfully your company. We need to adapt to the new consumer behavior and to new technologies.

What to do?

Open your mind and look around, the digital world is a big ads board that will never be filled. Use the “display network” to your favor, use the social network, connect your analytics account to know what works best. Search for places no one had been before.

Make your traditional marketing team to work with the Digital Marketing one, hear your employees and let them contribute as a team effort, use your graphical and content team and urge them to think creativity, think “outside the box”, have some crazy Ideas. Finally use your most powerful and important tool, the one that most companies fail to do - the consumers! Eventually, they are the people on the ground, they know what works and what doesn’t. They can help you get new ideas and fix your errors. Learn from their experience. For this to work you should always follow your changing consumers, target your audience: where they spend their time? Where are they coming from? What time in the week? Day? What devices they use? From what country, language and more and more…

What after?

Like AB testing - do it again and again. There is no limit to your success!

Thank you and hope you enjoyed!


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