How to get the best from your Landing page

How to get the best from your Landing page

 Throughout experience and researches, a visitor coming into your site will decide if he/she will stay and engage with your site on base of several important criteria's. In the first and most important "crucial" seconds the visitor scans the site and mostly those thing that attract the aye - Graphic Images, banners, big text titles, headings, menus, the complicity of the site - does it look simple and clean or stuffed with text, photos, buttons, and other data that will make you have extra focus and patient.

The first question one building his/her website should be - what is the nature of the website? What does it spouse to do?

For example, It make sense that a government website, universities or other big services provider will have lots of information and there site will be more complex.

Another important criteria are the rising use of mobiles. Therefor, the site needs to be adapted to it and the landing page needs to look good on it. 

So, what should you do to make your landing page better?

Generally, I believe in references - look online for website that got your attention, see other sites that confused you and learn from those mistakes.

Second, take a paper and a pencil and try to draw your landing page. Make few versions and consult with yourself and your friends what looks the best.

One page or multiple pages? Two approach  

I don’t want to say which one is better it is very individually. But what is important - to have all the general data, services, keywords, social media buttons and links to all other pages in the landing page.

Use info graphics (photo’s and video’s) and tag all of them in the Meta title and the description (it will help the SEO). Use of headings h1-h6, create links, make promotions visible - big, at the top and in every page, pay attention to “heavy” files, it will slow the site upload time. Use of minimum of 200 words overall.

Think as a consumer - imagine yourself going into your site. You would not want to have more then 3-4 easy clicks to get wherever you wanted. Be open to reviews and making changes.

Structure Example:

The way all your data organize in the landing page is crucial.

There is no perfect or best design, there’s just - thing that works.

Implement your logo and social media buttons available, video or big photo at the top with some words with your Top phrase or service and a clear “call to action” button.

Make sure to have link to all your pages and services from the landing page, have post slider, some of your top works and costumer reviews of your services.landing-page2

Thank you and hope you enjoyed!



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