Elementor page builder Overview

Elementor page builder Overview

WordPress as you probably know, continue to be one of the leading CMS exists. The continually effort of 3rd party features such as security issues, SEO, designs and marketing (among others) calls for a market change. One of the tools that addresses this subjects all together are the page builders;

In order to keep updated they improve websites design, make it more secure, integrate easily with other platform such as Email delivery softwares etc.

The Elementor page builder is one of the major innovated plugin exist today.

I will give you here my advise regarding the main reasons why I believe you should use this specific builder. With that being said and although Elementor is very intuitive and has a great user experience interface, don’t think you can just dive in, being an “Elementor except” without some learning and mistaking.

No matter if you know code or not, Elementor is the tool for you. One can develop a professional and designed website with simple toolkits provide. Elementor is a wonderful all in one and a one stop shop for those who create their websites if they come with only basic knowledge of experienced professionals.

So, Why Elementor?

Drag & Drop Editor
Designed Templates
Plenty of Widgets
Easy Popups
eCommerce Builder

What is a page builder and why do you need it?

A page builder is a plugin in WordPress that make the editing of your website much simple.

With a builder, websites can be built easily  interactive, animated, designed, responsive and optimized for search engine.

Get More Traffic, Leads & Conversions

Design forms visually, integrate them with your favorite marketing tools, and generate more traffic, leads & conversions.

Extendable & Developer-Friendly

Thousands of developers have contributed to the Elementor open source project, building themes, add-ons, and products, further extending the functionality.

Works Perfect With Any Theme & Plugin

Elementor works seamlessly with almost any WordPress theme and plugin, so you can continue to use your favorite tools and take your work to the next level.

100% Responsive Design and Beyond

Customize every page across devices using intuitive and visual controls. Creating mobile responsive websites, that look good on any device, has never been easier.

Elementor is super easy to begin with. you just download the plugin and can immediately start to try its free version.

You can also download supported plugins by Elementor to get even more features (if you didn't find what you are looking for)

As a user you will be opened to the libreary are pre made templets that are ready to use with all the wonderful effects. just change the content and you are good to go! 

Thank you and hope you enjoyed!


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